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Practice Areas


Personal Injury

Our office has handled hundreds of Personal Injury cases.  This type of work primarily manages communication between and injured party and the responsible parties insurance company.  This includes car accidents, injuries at home or public places and damage to personal property.


Motor Vehicle Accidents

These types of cases involve motor vehicle accidents resulting in personal injuries where the injured party is not at fault.  We manage acquiring a rental car, estimates on property damage and medical payments if applicable.  This can also include reimbursement for lost wages and pain and suffering.



Worker's Compensation

Our office handles cases involving injury at the work place. We work with insurance companies and the North Carolina Industrial Commission to recover employment-based benefits while the client recovers from their job related injury. This can include weekly pay as well as compensation for any permanent disability.



Traffic Violations

These matters include speeding and moving violations or infractions.  We represent the client who does not usually have to appear in court.  Our office manages all negotiations on behalf of the client in order to achieve the best outcome taking into account driver's license and insurance points.  These items can affect a person's driving record and insurance premiums for years.




In the case of driving while under the influence, a person can lose there driving rights and privileges.  Appropriate representation can aid the individual in preserving these rights and manage the court-based requirements to regain their license which can include alcohol/drug assessments and driving classes.




Our office handles Custody & Visitation issues for parents with regards to minor children. We are well versed in alternative dispute resolution practices to bringing an effective resolution to conflict.  However, there are cases that cannot resolve without litigation.  Our office provides experienced litigators to manage the complex issues surrounding custody and visitation.


Child Support

These matters include the accurate calculation of child support obligations, taking into account the current rules of law not only associated with an application of the North Carolina Guidelines but also case law as it is interpreted for purposes of income verification. We manage discovery and appropriate documentation regarding extracurricular activities, medical insurance, and extraordinary costs associated with the development of children.



Divorce is the entry of the order which dissolves marital bond. Our office has handled hundreds of these matters, including divorces in foreign countries.




Domestic Violence

Our office has managed both petitioners and respondents to this type of action. The client a right to be heard fairly and have orders entered that are in their and their families best interest.



Our office has history of representing parents involved with the Department of Social Services during investigations and adjudicatory trials questioning their parental skills and allegations involving the neglect and/or abuse of their children.



This litigation involves the representation of a party who wishes to be a integral part of their children's lives, either by adding their name to a child's birth certificate and/or accepting full parental responsibility for a child.  These actions include but are not limited to clarification of estate rights, custodial rights and child support.


Spousal Support

Our office has represented both financially dependent and supporting spouses in this area of domestic law. We pride ourselves on giving our client's an opportunity to address their financial concerns both in a court of law or through alternative dispute resolution methods. Each side of the financial story should be told from the perspective of the needful spouse to the supporting spouse, within their reasonable abilities to provide for themselves and/or other.

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